Just What I Needed

Being a teacher of a district that runs low on funds all the time, I tend to look for really cheap supplemental materials (or other things) for my classroom, or I borrow items, or make things at home to take and use. Here’s the hardest part of not having bucks to spend; trying to search the web for valuable material so you can piece together a lesson. That in itself is exhausting.

And if I can’t do that, I try to I render on the whiteboard a simulation of what I’m trying to explain, which isn’t an altogether bad idea, because most of the time it stirs up more conversation…and good laughs. I love having relevant, interesting conversations with young minds, and/or a good laugh.

When my Writer’s Digest magazine showed up on my dining table one day, courtesy of my husband’s thoughtfulness, I gasped. I am so used to NOT spending money, at home or at school, that I was absolutely thrilled at holding the magazine in my hands. I almost cried. So far, I have carefully ingested about half the articles, taking my time to savor them, like fine chocolate. It was just what I needed. I didn’t ask how much he spent either, after all it was a gift to me from his kind and loving heart.

I do invest in myself in a need-to-have basis, and when I need to add to my wardrobe, usually for work, I hunt the discount stores at the discount racks. I am not always so cheap but when I am, I am.

I recently heard someone say an investment in yourself is like taking an education course. I absolutely never thought of it that way. Buying a book or a magazine that I’m interested in, that may further my skills in one of my hobbies, is an investment in me. That’s a superior idea since I’m always interested in learning about new techniques in writing and in ‘arting’, but never spend the money because I may really need it later for something really important. You get me? I hope.

At work, we have to do Professional Development, so why not make Personal Development just as important? It doesn’t matter what age we are, Personal Development is fun, interesting, and by far better than Professional Development-as far as I’m concerned anyway. Yeah, I know, ProDev is very important, too.

The only hurdle I have now is convincing myself that any investment in ME is worth the money so I’m taking the little girl off my shoulder and reprogramming her words. In fact, I think I may have said something like this to my students…I should take my own advice.

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