The Wall

The walls in our lives are invisible and real at the same time.

Do you have a wall? A wall that seems to be in your face, but you’re not sure how to climb it, break it down, or get rid of it. You just want the wall to go away.

If there’s a wall, it must be something important to you. So, here are three tips that may be helpful.

Tip #1 Label it

Give it a name. This will give it more substance. Not some shadowy figure who pops in and out of your head like a ghost you try to ignore. Giving it substance does not give it more power. It’s just a character you communicate with. You already know it’s there so why not make it a good adversary. Meaning, a character that you don’t like but it’s going to make you a better person.

Tip #2 Give it a Story

Why is your wall there, and how did it get built? In reality, you built it, so knowing the story should be easy. But can you articulate its reason for existing in a clear story? Try telling the story out loud to see if you know why the darn thing got built in the first place. Pretend you are explaining it to a friend. Or, really tell a friend.

Tip # 3 Dismantle it

Dismantling it will be a process-but so was building it. Each day say to the wall why you need it to go away. Imagine yourself removing the bricks and building a road instead. A road with a destination that has a sign with a new name. A good name.

Currently, I’m dismantling a wall of insecurity and building a path of confidence in this new freelance writing venture I started. Not easy, but definitely doable because I choose to believe it’s doable.

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