Why Blogs? You Ask

Some people poke fun at bloggers, joke about blogs, and think they are not worth writing (to some degree). They ask, “Why blogs?”

If you are one of these people, I understand.

So let me try and answer this question to change your mind, especially if you have a customer-based business and would love to connect to your people.


Blogs are a powerful tool for connecting, building trust, and telling relevant stories about you and your business. I tell stories all the time in my blogs.   

The influence of blogs has the ability to help businesses grow by building a stronger online presence. A presence that is undeniably important and is a genuine way to link to an audience.

WordPress.com writes, “Since the content you publish is the biggest driver for search engine traffic, designate a page or a post on your site that you would like to optimize for search engines.”

While blogs build trust and credibility, they also add personality to your website; when customers read your blogs, they get to know you as a person and a shop owner, adding warmth to a website.

Blogs are more than words on a page. A well-designed blog is a powerful piece, especially when written by a skilled writer who studies their craft. Sorry. That’s a plug for me; I had to slip it in.  

Businesses should tell their stories, like how someone’s craft idea started in an empty garage in 1967, empty because they could not afford a car to put in it. But that was just the beginning.   

Or, the struggle of an artist and how they overcame insecurities and their past to become the artist they knew they could be without feeling like an imposter.  

These stories are important to form a real connection with others and be more human to your audience, not only on the surface but deeply. When people read your story, it creates a genuine connection.

 Well-written blogs describe impressions, thoughts, and feelings in such a unique way that they speak straight to the heart while taking the reader on an emotional path of what your business means to you while adhering to the truth of your brand and your voice.  

They can answer why you began your journey and why it is still important to your little corner of the world.

Blogs not only tell your story, but this is where you can shine as an expert in your field. You talk about your products, artwork, crafts, or services you passionately provide to your buyers.   

If you depend on people to buy what you sell, blogs can help you gain new clients. Blogs are not a fast solution but a steady one.

So write for your business regularly. Take as many words or few to make your point for the blog, publish it and go on, even when you do not see a response.

Because nothing disappears on the internet, they are long-lasting and will be found years later, so make them purposeful, write them truthfully, and publish them confidently. 



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