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Down Town Drive

Pencil, India Ink, and a touch of color. That’s me in my little, blue roadster. This little town isn’t real, that I know of, but I’m going somewhere on this fine morning. I think I will say it’s a beautiful Saturday morning and I’m on my way to the Farmer’s Market to buy fresh produce, and possibly, a watermelon.

Crooked House

There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile. He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile. He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse, and they all lived together in little crooked house.

-Mother Goose

Greatest is Love

Pencil, India Ink, and Alcohol markers. As I was finishing this, I sat next to John on the couch while he watched T.V., which was probably not the best choice because each wiggle became a squiggly line-as in the case of the melting clock. I didn’t mind, though. I enjoyed having quiet time with him. The desk reminds me of my grandmother that has been gone nearly 40 years now. How I still miss her.

My Blue Vase.

One day my husband gave me a little blue glass vase with a daisy in it. The vase is cobalt blue with white swirls and dots. It fits in the palm of my hand. The vase is someone’s beautiful creation, one that I will keep forever. This watercolor painting is inspired by it, though it isn’t a look-alike, it still made a nice greeting card.

My lovely sandpipers. Watercolor, India Ink, and a B2 pencil.

Girl in the Rain

Watercolor and HB pencil. I am not sure what she and Kitty are looking at- and I probably should have given them a street to cross-but I didn’t.

Follow Me

HB, B2, B6, and a touch of India ink. If you look closely, you’ll notice the girl’s footprints are slightly off. Something I didn’t notice while hurrying on this project. I could have fixed it because it’s only pencil. Erase and redo, right? But now it makes me smile and, I think, some mistakes are worth keeping–for the story.

Scrawny Lemon Tree in Terracotta

HB, H, B3. In late January 2023, I had to make a trip to Carson City, NV, to help out my mom-in-law for a couple of weeks who was having surgery. They were removing cancer. She had a bag of lemons at her house that needed to be used so I made lemonade for us, even though it was dead of winter and piles of snow outside. I say that because lemonade and summertime usually go together, for me anyway. So, during my down time, I thought of sketching my Scrawny Lemon Tree. It felt peaceful.

Refresh Me, Lord

HB, H, 3B. I had a dream that left me weary one morning and I wondered what it was all about. It was hard on my emotions. As I thought about it, this picture came to me. Sometimes, there aren’t any words. Just pictures. As I worked on it, I felt better.


One Saturday afternoon, I was rummaging through a junk shop-which we lovingly call an antique store. On a table was a box full of old postcards and discarded black and white photos, perhaps, that came from an estate sale that no one wanted. In this one particular picture a young woman stood next to a man, I would think was her husband. She was so beautiful. Her image stuck in my mind and, in hindsight, I probably should have bought it. In the black and white photo, her eyes were cast differently and her smile was larger but, as I thought about her, the name Isabella popped into my mind.

Never Alone

This piece is plain, I know. It seems like there should be more added, and someday I may redo it, but the idea was of a dad and his little girl spending time together flying a kite. Thinking about this sketch, I know many of us were raised without a father through death or addictions, or, didn’t have a good relationship with the one we had so we never went flying a kite together. But we have a Divine Father that will go. I didn’t think about why I sketched them so close together until I thought about this very reason. Our Divine Father is always this close if we want Him to be because His heart is full of Perfect Love for us. No matter what we do we can’t change that. 09/03/2021

Think Big

Sometimes, I have an idea pop in my head and I simply draw it.

India Ink and Photoshop colors

I was playing around, or experimenting, with some of the elements of PS, even though I’ve had it for many years, I only use it for a few specific things. I think of children’s books when I look at this particular piece of art. I think, later on, when time permits, I will create another children’s book with the bold colors of PS and see how it turns out. So far, I do like the look. 02/15/2022


HB, B2, B4. I do admire realistic artists. I wished I had been gifted with their talent, but since I am not slanted that way, this is how my art turns out. I keep practicing, though!

This was a quick sketch one evening. Added the text the next day because it seemed to me it should say something inspiring. Something thoughtful. 10/30/22

Giraffe in Map Pencil

Traveling from Oklahoma to Southern California is a very long drive so, as a passenger, there’s lots of downtime. Even though the roads were bumpy, I decided to draw a few simple animals to dub as Nursery Art, thus my giraffe was born. I didn’t have all the colors I needed so I improvised and hoped for the best. After being home for a month, I decided to “graphic design” my little guy. I copied and inverted him and added a background. Not sure about the yellow sky, but then again, why not? 07/28/2022

This was a spur of the moment gift. It’s always handy to keep a small frame around. Ink, watercolors, and alcohol markers. August 2023.

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