We Do. We Learn. We Fail. We Do it Again.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to begin a journey on personal development. I’ve been interested in it for years but didn’t take it too seriously. But lately, it’s been like wildfire.

I guess partly because I’m running out of time. I have more time behind me than I have in front of me! Unless I live to be 110, which would be nice. Maybe.

I was listening to a podcast about making decisions. It talked about making a solid decision on one thing and following through with it, no matter what.

This can be very scary. 

It’s easier to say ‘I’ll do it some other day’, and then, let it fade slowly away until it’s ashes at the bottom of your memories.  

 A decision to follow through. 

A decision to follow through and make a goal of it. 

All the ideas bouncing around in your spirit that lights you on fire and causes you to say, “I should do that!” is a decision worth pursuing.

So, so, so, many ideas I have had over the years I’ve let die before I even tried. Except the one time I wanted to start making gloves. That didn’t work out, mainly because I quit after a few failures.

We all have to sift through the imposter ideas, and go for the real ones, which are the ideas that have your emotions all over them. The ones you should chase after. Even if it IS scary. (The glove idea wasn’t one of those and that’s why it petered out.)

This is improving- socially, emotionally, and physically. 

Improve who we are and it will automatically improve the world around us. 

My students, many because of their environment, don’t know that improving who they are is important. 

Some don’t care because they aren’t taught improving yourself is valuable. 

When my students first come to me, at the beginning of the year, some still write like first graders. Some still read on a first grade level, even though they are fourth graders. This is the normal culture of my classroom and so I’m never surprised.   

I tell my students the truth. I say, “This is where you are, and this is where you need to be.”

I absolutely don’t believe they need to stay there, OR make little improvement throughout the year. All my students have the capability to improve in spite of their disability. They can improve and I tell them they can-and will. 

They have to see it as a goal. And guess what. Every time I push them, they grow. And it may be a struggle, but struggle is part of life. Struggle causes improvement with the right attitude.

I don’t care how old we are. We should level up each year. The current year shouldn’t look the same as last year, and next year, new goals need to be set and reached.

God gave us the ability to learn and to create those ideas that excite us into something amazing. 

Why squander it? 

And by the way, don’t wait for perfection as many of my excuses have been.

We do. We learn. We fail. We do it again. We learn more, and we do it again, then we succeed.

One thought on “We Do. We Learn. We Fail. We Do it Again.

  1. Such good advice. Important for young people to start off with the right attitude and for adults to continue.

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