Defy the Norm

As some of you know already, I love personal development, however, it’s usually only the PD I want to do.

And, not to sound like a cliché, but I try to practice the Power of Positive Thinking. Don’t always hit the bullseye, but I try.

The alternative never suits anyone well and it can make one feel pretty crappy thinking negative all the time, right?

In my quest for PD, I have been slightly confused about something for a long time. If you do what God has called you to do you will thrive, I believe.

For the longest time, I’ve been wondering where my exact path is. Somedays, I feel like a vagabond soul trying to find my spot. I’m an itty bitty seed with itty bitty legs searching for the perfect hole.  

Recently, I read one of those memes people stick on Facebook, it said Bloom Where You’re Planted. I’ve seen that a million times over the course of my life and I bet you have, too.

I shmmuhh at it.

I don’t particularly like where I am planted so why would I bloom here? says my head.

Now, don’t get too mad at me because I have dreams of mountain mansions or beachside bungalows with exotic views. People live in these areas, you know. It’s their wonderful, daily life to step outside to drink their morning coffee with scenic views all around, so why not me? Either of these would be a fine place to bloom 🙂

I write, yet, at this point, I don’t see any thriving going on so it makes me wonder.

What if I’m walking the path that leads nowhere? After all, I want to do my plan, get rich, and move to my mountain mansion, and finding the thing I’m supposed to be doing is going to get me there, I’ve convinced myself.

BUT, I have been looking at this all wrong for way too long.

My answer about this confusion landed softly in my heart the other day, and I’m hoping it will help YOU, that are in the same boat.

It is this: the things I love to do the most IS my pathno matter the outcome.

I’ve been looking for some external sign that points me in the right direction, wondering where I belong when all along I’ve been here already. I am existing in it already.

If I do what I love, and as long as it fits in with the Golden Rule, I’m good.

I mean, if I treat others as I would want them to treat me, as I am doing the things I love, then I am doing my life’s work. AND then, when I can, help others. Fits with the Golden Rule because I may need help someday myself.

As I write and create, I’m learning to give the outcome to God. If grace leads it, favor is on it no matter what I see in the natural.

Now I just need to settle in it and not worry about the outcome. My desires are actually God’s desires anyway so why not flourish and go crazy with them and let the outcome be whatever it wants to be?

But, don’t get me wrong, I still want to be rich.

I once watched a heavy-set girl do a ballet dance many years ago. She was amazing. Do you think the skinny ballet dancers had any judging thoughts in their heads about her? Probably. Maybe she was amazing to me because she defied the norm and I liked that. She just wanted to dance…and so she did.


Ahhh. But as I recall the dancer, I am remembering listening to a lady on stage sing a solo in church a time ago. Oh boy. Flat city. I noticed my nonpoker face puckering up. Good thing the lights were dimmed. Once I caught myself, I felt a tinge of shame, or maybe I was embarrassed for her. Not sure.

Hum. Maybe I need to think on this a while more.

At any rate, Defy the Norm And Keep the Golden Rule while allowing the outcome to unfold in its own sweet way is my advice to me…and to you. Let’s dance while the music plays, shall we?

Bravo to You!

Love, Sharon

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