It’s in the Little Things

Life is in the little things, for sure.

Some people honestly don’t think the little things make a difference but I truly do.

In your character. In your job. In your business. In what you say. How you do things.

I learn so much about human psychology just by teaching kids. Kids aren’t generic. They are as individual as a fingerprint, but once you know them, they are as predictable as the moon. I say the moon because it has its variables, unlike the sun.

I can tell which ones will most likely be good employees and which will be the lazy employees- getting the same benefits but not doing the same work as the good ones. For goodness sake, some of my students don’t mind a zero on the grade book for not turning in a paper.

I can tell which will be the future professionals. These are the ones that bring back their homework – if they have it – the very next day!

I’m not saying being perfect every day is a must but consistently trying to improve your life, better your character, and up your skills are all important

I was teaching my 5th graders the difference between can and may and how we should use them correctly. One of them said, “It don’t matter, I’m going to keep saying can for everything.”

I popped back –yes I did– but softly- that it does matter. “Intelligence is in the spoken word. Intelligent people sound intelligent.”

Geez. Lead a horse to water…

Cool off. They’re only eleven. Deep breath.

It doesn’t take a degree to figure it all out when I work with them day after day and, of course, there are always pleasant surprises, which we all hope for.

It’s also in the little things with how you handle your business. Look at the website of a local company or an entrepreneur. You’ll be able to tell who is really serious about their business and who isn’t.

A Facebook business page is good to have but it should not be a replacement for a website where interested people can actually look at the details of a serious business, contact you, or look at your services or products.

If you’re not feeling too successful in areas of your life, maybe you should double-check the little things that you’re letting slide; like take the garbage out of your car, make your bed, organize your desk, say nice things to people, and clean your thinking habits.

And say the word may when it’s appropriate!

Believe it or not, there is something to this practice that makes life easier, better, wealthier, and wiser.

I work on it all the time with room for improvement.

much love,


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